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Summer 2022

Start Early

When you’re just starting out in the workforce, you may be spending most of your paycheck on living expenses. So, finding extra money to contribute toward retirement might not be a priority.

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Hire Your Children

One of the monetary benefits of having children is that you get to claim them as dependents when you file your income taxes. But business owners may be able to take advantage of another benefit: a tax deduction for putting your child to work.

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Put Your Investing on Autopilot

Big swings in investment values may make headlines but trying to predict market volatility is usually not a recipe for success. In contrast, a slow and steady investing approach can help you use market fluctuations to your advantage as you invest for long-term financial goals. Dollar-cost averaging can play a part in this approach.

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Legacy Planning

If you’re nearing retirement, you may have two major planning concerns. One is determining how much income you’ll need and where it will come from. The other is creating a tax-efficient plan for passing along your assets.

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Trusts - Helpful Planning Tools

You may think you have to be very wealthy to include a trust in your estate plan. But even individuals with modest assets may find trusts to be useful for providing more control over how and when assets are distributed to beneficiaries.

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Mortgages: One Size Doesn't Fit All

The state of the economy has a lot to do with interest rates, including the rate you’ll pay on a mortgage loan. But other factors go into the loan equation. Your credit score, the amount of your down payment, the kind of mortgage you’re applying for, and the term help determine your interest rate.

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Retirement and Taxes

Not planning for taxes in retirement can be an expensive mistake. For example, you may not be in a lower tax bracket when you retire and some tax savings may disappear, including deductions for dependents, retirement plan contributions, and mortgage interest.

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