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Spring 2020

Recruit the Best

When you need to recruit the very best executives, offering a nonqualified deferred compensation package can help separate you from your competitors.

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Budget-Friendly Vacations

Summer vacations can eat up a family’s budget in a hurry, so planning ahead and saving for expensive trips is a necessity for most people. You can, however, take a few days off during the summer and not bust your budget in the process. For example:

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Annuities for Lifelong Income

Fewer Americans can count on a guaranteed retirement income these days other than social security benefits, which are little more than a safety net. A fixed annuity* can offer this certainty, but some financial consumers don’t want to tie up all of their retirement money in one place. For these people, converting a portion of 401(k) plan or IRA balances to a fixed annuity may make more sense. There are a couple of ways to do this.

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With Time on Your Side

Millennials face challenging financial obstacles, including high student loan debt and difficult entry into an expensive real estate market. But they have one advantage that older generations never have: Time is on their side. If you’re a Millennial consider how, even with other financial obligations, you can find the money needed for long-term financial goals.

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Move or Stay

The importance of saving for retirement can’t be overstated. How you spend your retirement income is important, but so is how you spend the rest of your life. Whether your retirement is near or years away, it is important to plan for this huge life change.

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What Americans Spend on Vacation

The Bankrate Summer Vacation Survey 2019 asked Americans how much they expected to spend on their family vacations, with the average coming in at almost $2,000. These numbers differed by region.

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Tax Help After Disasters

When natural disasters disrupt our lives, the last thing we think about is our taxes. While you’ll still have to pay taxes and file tax forms, the IRS and many jurisdictions offer some assistance during these trying times.

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Money Saving Tips for Summer

This summer, consider a few ways you can have fun near home and control your spending, too. Meet Up. Many towns and some cities host free movie and concert nights, and a few even have periodic fireworks displays. Meet your neighbors in the process and you win all around without opening your wallet.

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